Friday, July 22, 2016

What is the Role of Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee Monitoring has become pervasive nowadays, every employer wants to know the real time spent by their employees during the working hour. There are various ways of monitoring the employees, earlier the employer used to take signature in a written consent by their employees, later the technology changed and now there are various advanced technological software’s used by the employers for monitoring their employees. In the US, many of the employers do use Employee Monitoring Software without the consent of their employee’s and is an illegal aspect.


What is the need of using Employee Monitoring?

Employee Monitoring is very necessary for the employer to know the exact performance of their employee and the exact time spends by their employees in the business productivity. The employer must always make sure that their employees are fully satisfied by them otherwise employees can hamper the business productivity. You can use PC Monitoring of each and every employee of your company in order to keep an eye on your employee at the workplace. Most of the employees misuse companies’ asset and freedom which is very necessary to be controlled.

The monitoring software helps the administrators of the company to easily monitor every PC of their employees from the main PC or central location and can supervise accordingly.

The main services offered by monitoring software are as follows:

  1. You can easily monitor your employees without letting them know that they are being monitored.
  2. The software is very beneficial as it doesn’t hamper the speed of the PC and lets the employee work speedily.
  3. The employer can track the visited websites of the employers. If the employee visits some restricted website then this software helps the employer to know about it.
  4. It monitors multiple computers at a time which lets the employer feel relaxed as the burden of the employer reduces. You can easily prevent any sort of problem that can hamper the business productivity.
  5. It provides the screenshot of the monitor in every 3-5 seconds and maintains the captured images in the central PC. The employer can go through these images whenever they find it necessary.
  6. The software lets you check whether the employer is spending time on some social media sites or not.

PC Monitoring is very necessary for the organization as all the data and information are stored on the PC. The secrecy of data is important to keep the business secrets confidential with the employee and public. The software helps to restrict certain websites that are of no use with the business. You can monitor the internet usage of every employee.


Employee Monitoring Software is very beneficial for the employers as they can easily get the information related to their employee’s activity on PC at the workplace. To keep a good balance between the employer and employee so that the productivity is not hampered you can use this software for your business.

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