Saturday, July 30, 2016

How to Monitor an Employee Desktop Using Employee Monitoring Software?

Every organization has its employees. An organization uses a lot software or tools or apps for different reasons. A software is there which is used for monitoring the employees in an organization. That tool is named as Employee monitoring software. That name itself indicates the working principle of the tool. This software means for employee monitoring. It allows company administrator to monitor all their employees from a particular location. It is normally meant for a business network.

This software is the act of monitoring employee activity. Organizations use employee monitoring to check performances, illegal activities. It can help you to increase your production in business by monitoring employees. It improves your employee performance.


Different software are present for monitoring employees. One of the best monitoring software is “EmpMonitor”.


EmpMonitor is an excellent employee monitoring tool or application .It contains many smart features which can help you to be a complete employer .These features are updated in today’s corporate scenario .These are required to increase the productivity .
  • EmpMonitor can
  • Save screenshots
  • Record keystrokes
  • Generate reports
  • Give alerts
Why EmpMonitors is the best?

Best in class: EmpMonitor is the most cost effective monitor.

Easy to use: EmpMonitor is an Easy-to-use monitoring service.

Free updates: EmpMonitor gives you the updated features.

Key features of EmpMonitor:
  • Way to keep employees from staying away from work
  • Can change things radically for its 24 * 7 capacity
  • It gives alert messages on illegal activities
  • It can help to manage time both for employees and student
Not only for employees, there are certain tools made for employees’ pc also. Most of the time in office hours, employees misuse their system by watching YouTube videos, opening social sites like FB, Twitter etc. So in organizations, computers should be monitored to avoid illegal works. The process of monitoring the computers of employees is called as ‘Computer Activity Monitoring’. In the present time employee monitoring has become a need for an organization. Everyone should sincere and legal for his/her organization. For those dishonest employees, computer activity monitoring is present.

This monitoring process gives the idea about the activity secure and an employee’s conscious. This is a very wisable and advantageous tool.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Why to Use Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee Monitoring Software is the act of monitoring employee activity. Organization keeps his eyes to track the employee’s performance, avoid legal liability, protect trade secrets, and address other security concerns. Because it is difficult to know if the employees use the computer for the work only and to know why the slope of a graph of an employee is getting down rapidly.


Can Employee Monitoring Benefit Your Company?
To keep the focus on companies’ growth and to keep eyes on your employee it is necessary to use Employee monitoring software. It helps an organization to know about each and every update and it lets you know about the employees’ task in your absence.

Uses of Employee Monitoring Software

The software tracks all the websites which are used by the employees’ browser. These Internet tracking reports are accessed by the supervisor or the head of an organization. It is illegal for an employee to do any unrelated work during the work and if they use to do this kind of works then the software tracks the sites.

Improve Employee Productivity
An employee tends to perform better when they are being monitored or more even when they think they may be monitored. This is a better option to improve their performance.

Remote Screen Capture
Remotely track employee activity by capturing the screenshots of their desktop. Remote Screen Capture helps you to know what your employee are doing instantly.

What is the term “PC monitoring”?
Computer monitors virtually means employee does not have any information about their PC get monitored. Employees’ phone calls detail, as well as actual conversations, can be recorded during monitoring. The exact number of duration of each call and the idle time between calls can go into an automatic log for analysis.

For a small business, you have several good ways to achieve endpoint security. The most secure way to monitor PC use is to deploy a system that consists of a host, server, or appliance together with client installed software. To make an organization secure you need to update the software with its features and more uses.


Employee Monitoring Software is a powerful tool to address a lack of employee productivity while protecting your company again security breaches and disloyal employees. You need to be aware of the latest versions of the software to know its updating features and uses.

Friday, July 22, 2016

What is the Role of Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee Monitoring has become pervasive nowadays, every employer wants to know the real time spent by their employees during the working hour. There are various ways of monitoring the employees, earlier the employer used to take signature in a written consent by their employees, later the technology changed and now there are various advanced technological software’s used by the employers for monitoring their employees. In the US, many of the employers do use Employee Monitoring Software without the consent of their employee’s and is an illegal aspect.


What is the need of using Employee Monitoring?

Employee Monitoring is very necessary for the employer to know the exact performance of their employee and the exact time spends by their employees in the business productivity. The employer must always make sure that their employees are fully satisfied by them otherwise employees can hamper the business productivity. You can use PC Monitoring of each and every employee of your company in order to keep an eye on your employee at the workplace. Most of the employees misuse companies’ asset and freedom which is very necessary to be controlled.

The monitoring software helps the administrators of the company to easily monitor every PC of their employees from the main PC or central location and can supervise accordingly.

The main services offered by monitoring software are as follows:

  1. You can easily monitor your employees without letting them know that they are being monitored.
  2. The software is very beneficial as it doesn’t hamper the speed of the PC and lets the employee work speedily.
  3. The employer can track the visited websites of the employers. If the employee visits some restricted website then this software helps the employer to know about it.
  4. It monitors multiple computers at a time which lets the employer feel relaxed as the burden of the employer reduces. You can easily prevent any sort of problem that can hamper the business productivity.
  5. It provides the screenshot of the monitor in every 3-5 seconds and maintains the captured images in the central PC. The employer can go through these images whenever they find it necessary.
  6. The software lets you check whether the employer is spending time on some social media sites or not.

PC Monitoring is very necessary for the organization as all the data and information are stored on the PC. The secrecy of data is important to keep the business secrets confidential with the employee and public. The software helps to restrict certain websites that are of no use with the business. You can monitor the internet usage of every employee.


Employee Monitoring Software is very beneficial for the employers as they can easily get the information related to their employee’s activity on PC at the workplace. To keep a good balance between the employer and employee so that the productivity is not hampered you can use this software for your business.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How To Increase Productivity Using Employee Monitoring Software?

Any workplace where all the work is done online that needed to look for how company time is spent by an employee during production hour. The Internet is full of distraction and most of the company depend on the internet to conduct business. And it is very difficult to keep eye manually on every employee during production hour.


But it can be possible through employee monitoring software. This software allows management to see all activates perform by their employee on their system during working hour.

Benefits of using monitoring software

Monitoring allowing you to see your employee activity like visiting a different website and different application used by them during working hour. You can identify which websites and application cause more distraction. This software was preventing your employee playing games on their system during production hour.

Good team work always comes when all the members of the team contribute equally in completing the picture. This software will help you to distribute work according to the strength of every employee. It also helps your management to identify who is most productivity employee.

It also used for restriction purpose like block the access of the unappealing site. So that employee can use the internet for business purpose only. If any employee tries to open blocked site this software will send the message to management. It also prevents data from being leaked.

Features of this tool will help you to remind the employee about the task. This software helps you to manage real time for a different employee for a different product which will help you to increase your productivity.

This software also helps to make the attendance of the employee it will keep the record of login and logout time of each employee.

Employee Monitoring software having their on database which keeps the record of all screen shots and the small video of employee activity on their system during production hour. This software also help you making a good environment for working because you don’t have to ping your employee directly for any work all these work is done by this software. Which helps you to make good relationship with your employee.

When the employee will know that their system is monitor by the software. They will focus more on the work during production hour of your company and will help you to make more profit. Completing the project in time will help you to get more client for your company.

Employee monitoring is very important for the better production of your company. This software also helps you to secure your company server from different threats and will engage your employee in work. This helps you to make good relationship with your employee. This software is easy to install and user-friendly.

Monday, July 11, 2016

How to Lift Your Production Using Employee Monitoring Software?

A degree of sovereignty is always required for the employee to do their job, but it is also necessary to keep eyes on your employee activates when they are using company computer. Information can be especially important for the organization and it helps to improve the organization process.
Employee monitoring software allows the organization to monitor how an employee is using their computer during production hour. It helps to track the various data depending upon the package of monitoring software.

A variety of other features is also present in the monitoring software which will help you to lift production of your company.

·         Taking snaps shots

This software will take hundreds of screen short every hour of your employee computer. They will monitor each network computer, just like a surveillance camera. They will capture all the information from the computer monitor screen at every interval. Frequently snap short will help management to get the visual recording of emails sent or received, file transfer, website visited and much more. This will help you know what kind of activates or how the employee performs during production hour of your company.

Employee monitoring software

·         Investigate offense

Employee monitoring software this features will help you to find the employee who is not doing their job properly or in time. This tool store all the information of your employee with their name in a database. It will help you to remind all the date of an employee whenever you want. You can view it from any place. This will help you to find out who has misappropriated corporate assets.

·         Global keyword finder

If you are nosy about the usage of any keyword in your organization, global keywords search will help you to get the answer. Your search can be applied organization-wide, to a common person, and in a precise type of usage.

This tool prevents unauthorized access to the recording. Email can be sent for internal use only. Whenever the file transfer will take place it will save IP theft. Specific file name printing that could also indicate IP theft.

·         Control center

It provides control all over the aspects of data, SQL server, and data storage, with a control center, you remotely check the employee recorder, modify details and even change the parameters for employee communication and security, and this all can be done with PC monitoring software, without vesting the individual computers.

Some of the branches of control center are
Manage computer, configure client records, SQL database management, and file storage location, alerts, and filters.


PC monitoring software helps you to keep eyes on your employee during production hour of your company. These software helps you to increase your production of your company and you can keep eyes on them by setting in one room.