Monday, July 11, 2016

How to Lift Your Production Using Employee Monitoring Software?

A degree of sovereignty is always required for the employee to do their job, but it is also necessary to keep eyes on your employee activates when they are using company computer. Information can be especially important for the organization and it helps to improve the organization process.
Employee monitoring software allows the organization to monitor how an employee is using their computer during production hour. It helps to track the various data depending upon the package of monitoring software.

A variety of other features is also present in the monitoring software which will help you to lift production of your company.

·         Taking snaps shots

This software will take hundreds of screen short every hour of your employee computer. They will monitor each network computer, just like a surveillance camera. They will capture all the information from the computer monitor screen at every interval. Frequently snap short will help management to get the visual recording of emails sent or received, file transfer, website visited and much more. This will help you know what kind of activates or how the employee performs during production hour of your company.

Employee monitoring software

·         Investigate offense

Employee monitoring software this features will help you to find the employee who is not doing their job properly or in time. This tool store all the information of your employee with their name in a database. It will help you to remind all the date of an employee whenever you want. You can view it from any place. This will help you to find out who has misappropriated corporate assets.

·         Global keyword finder

If you are nosy about the usage of any keyword in your organization, global keywords search will help you to get the answer. Your search can be applied organization-wide, to a common person, and in a precise type of usage.

This tool prevents unauthorized access to the recording. Email can be sent for internal use only. Whenever the file transfer will take place it will save IP theft. Specific file name printing that could also indicate IP theft.

·         Control center

It provides control all over the aspects of data, SQL server, and data storage, with a control center, you remotely check the employee recorder, modify details and even change the parameters for employee communication and security, and this all can be done with PC monitoring software, without vesting the individual computers.

Some of the branches of control center are
Manage computer, configure client records, SQL database management, and file storage location, alerts, and filters.


PC monitoring software helps you to keep eyes on your employee during production hour of your company. These software helps you to increase your production of your company and you can keep eyes on them by setting in one room. 

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